Hello, and welcome to our blog!

In May 2017 we left our antipodean homeland to seek new and exciting adventures in a far away land in the northern hemisphere. We thought: it shouldn’t be that different, we’re only moving to the motherland (aka the United Kingdom).

Who are we?

We’re Jase and Kimmie. A couple of kiwis from down under. Well, Jase’s a kiwi-brit and Kimmie’s a kiwi-aussie. We both grew up in New Zealand, anyway.

We’ve been a couple for several years. Our joint interests include: exploring new neighbourhoods on foot, tracking down good coffee shops, and just generally stumbling upon new and exciting adventures!

Jase and Kimmie in a field of lupines – South Island, New Zealand

Why did we start this blog?

We first started blogging together during our three-week vacation to Japan. The idea was to keep our friends and family in the loop, and to prevent us from having to re-tell the same story over and over (each time with progressively less accuracy and detail!).

Somehow, we managed to share the blogging duty without any drama, and we subsequently blogged during our next three-week vacation to Thailand.

We knew that we wanted to blog about our adventures in the United Kingdom from the moment we bought our one-way plane tickets. However, this trip was going to be more than just a holiday, so we thought it might be cool to set up a dedicated blog site and post more frequently about our observations on life.

What is the purpose of our blog?

We’ll be blogging to:

  • capture and share our memories and adventures
  • supply tips and tricks
  • provide our readers with a witty kiwi perspective and commentary on life.

We hope you enjoy following us as we stumble our way through life in the United Kingdom. We look forward to sharing our adventures with you. Please comment and laugh at our weird jokes! 🙂

Kia ora (which conveniently can be used for both “hello” and “thanks” in te reo Māori!)

– Jase & Kimmie